VivThomas – Cayla Lyons Silvie Luca – Celebration Oral Sex Episode 2 – Party

Viv Thomas Cayla Lyons, Silvie Luca Celebration Oral Sex Episode 2 Party
Cayla Lyons and Silvie Luca are packing for a beach holiday when Cayla gets distracted by the lollipop Silvie is licking, and asks for a taste. They start kissing around it, playfully at first but with growing intensity. That night, Silvie is reading from a travel guide when Cayla dresses up in sexy lingerie as a special surprise for her. Silvie sucks Caylas nipples fervidly, then licks her to an orgasm that makes her arch her back up off the bed in ecstasy. She turns into doggy and Silvie eats her from behind, then flips her back over to make her cum again, even harder this time. The next morning as Silvie prepares to go to work, Cayla undresses her hungrily, sucking her nipples until they are diamond-cutter hard and then kneeling to spread her ass cheeks and eat her pussy. They kiss frantically and Cayla gives Silvie a powerful orgasm. As the girls get ready for their trip, the connection between them is stronger than ever.
Pornstars: Cayla Lyons, Silvie Luca

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