We Fuck Black Girls – Mocha Menage

Mocha Menage We Fuck Black Girls
Released: November 9, 2015
Since its the end of the summer, why not see it with a pool party? That was one of the reasons Mocha Menage is celebrating. The other? Shes a white cock slut, so at a Mocha Menage pool party, theres no couples, no girls, and or black dudes. A Mocha Menage party means whites only, and dudes at that. Today Mochas invited five of her friends over, and in no time at all they see its �one of those parties�. Mocha loves to fuck and suck outside, and she doesnt care what the neighbors think. After some poolside action, Mocha leads them over to her backyard, where out crew takes turns on her mouth and pussy before unloading all over the place. Mochas got cum dripping from her snatch, her face, and down her throat as the boys unleashed a whole lot of pent-up tension. Id call this party a success!